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The AT&T U115 can be used as a primary data connection or as a backup network solution to streamline business continuity

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With the 1002-CM Plug-In modem, the U115 can connect to a cellular network using the 4G LTE standard that best suits its given use case

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Sim Cards

Choose the cellular connection that best meets your speed, budget, fallback-network, & geographic requirements, at any time

Getting Started

Which version of the AT&T U115 are you setting up?
Branded top, includes antennae connectors
Smooth top, no antennae connectors
What will be the primary connectivity type for your AT&T U115?
How do you want your AT&T U115 to receive IP addresses?

Quick Start Guide




U115 Regulation & Conformity Documents:
AT&T U115 EU Declaration of Conformity
AT&T U115 Israeli Power Supply Unit Safety Warning
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